Current Construction View
Current Construction View
Islamic Foundation of New York - Bellerose Masjid Construction is in Progress Donate Generously!
Islamic Foundation of New York - Bellerose MasjidConstruction is in Progress Donate Generously!  

Our Programs



  • Five times daily prayers
  • Jumu‘ah Prayer
  • Eid Prayers
  • Khatme Qur’an in Taraweeh prayer


  • Daily Qur’an learning class

  • Weekend Islamic school

  • Basic teachings of Islam

  • Hifzul Qur’an class

  • Islamic classes for men and women

  • Arabic language course

  • Advanced level Islamic courses for High school and college students:

  • Courses on Qur’an studies

  • Courses on Hadith studies

  • Courses on ‘Aqaid & Fiqh

  • Seeratun-Nabi

  • Islamic History

  • Comparative Religions

 Special Events:

  • Observance of Mi‘raj, Lailatul Qadr and other events. 


  • Community and social services program
  • Build up a resourceful Islamic library
  • Organize youth program
  • Education for Social and Moral Development

Want to Become a Member?

  Please call us : 718-554-1656

  Islamic Foundation of New York

  80-41 237th St

  Bellerose Manor, NY 11427


InshaAllah, the construction is under process - for information on how to participate, please contact us -