Islamic Foundation of New York - Bellerose Masjid Construction is in Progress Donate Generously!
Islamic Foundation of New York - Bellerose MasjidConstruction is in Progress Donate Generously!  

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In The Name Of Allah The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful

Alhamdulillah, with the blessings of Allah (swt) and with your combined efforts this property has been transferred to the name of the Islamic Foundation of New York. We have a place for worship. May Allah give you the best reward for your generous contribution.

Even though we have the property for worship, we are not capable of performing Jumuah prayer, providing Quranic class and other Islamic programs for the children (who are our future generation), because we have to build according to approved building code. We have outstanding quarde hasanah (interest free loans) from brothers/sisters who came forward to save this property for the house of Allah with their generous contribution. InshahAllah, with all our efforts we will accomplish this!

We are appealing to our capable brothers and sisters for your continuous support. This project is struggling for 9 years in this middle class community. We are in need for your generosity in order to establish the spacing to perform Jumuah prayer and to provide Quranic education which we think a basic demand for the generation now and in the future. It is our moral and religious duty to support this project to establish and perform the basic and obligatory adherence of Allah (swt) and the Prophet Mohammad (sws). Brothers /Sisters, if we all put all our efforts together, InshahAllah, we can establish this Masjid. It is Allah (swt) who gives us the ability to donate for His house.

Your generous contribution either as donation or quarde hasana can make it easy and faster to de-velop this property for Jumuah prayer, Quranic classes and other programs. Please fill out the pledge form in the back or call us for your participation. You may contribute using paypal account.

Certainly your donations will be Sadaqa-e Jariya. Allah (swt) has promised the best reward for this good deed, in this Dunya and in the Akhira (here after).

Jazzakallah Khayr.

We need your Donation for

New Grand Mosque Construction

Masjid in Bellerose, NY

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InshaAllah, the construction is under process - for information on how to participate, please contact us -